Monday, December 25, 2006

Buried alive

Between this new snow and all the food I've been eatin', there's not much bike news these days. I've been stuffin' my face, ridin' the trainer a bit, and walkin' around on snow shoes a lot just to get out of the house and have a little fun. Hell, the photo with this post was taken before the snow really even got started. The storm was still flexing its muscles that day. It hadn't started kickin' ass yet. We've had, what, two and a half feet over the past few days?

I did score some cool bike stuff for Christmas, though. A comfy new Terry Fly saddle with titanium rails to go on my new TCR C1; a damn fine T-shirt from River City Bicycles (thanks, Sue); and a Garmin 205 bike computer/GPS thingamabob. I'm still scratching my head over how to use it, but it'll help pimp out my main bikes next summer (thanks to the fact it came with two bike mounts and accepts two bike profiles) and give me a new gadget to play with.

Damn, maybe it'll look so flashy on my stems that it'll keep a few people from noticing the winter flab hangin' over the top of my shorts.

Naaaaah, that ain't gonna happen. They'll see the flab.

The final Frigid Bits race of 2006 returns to Goose Lake this Saturday night. My next post will include all the details.

In the mean time, I'll be eating something. Carry on about your business.


Linda said...

Hey Tim!
Enjoy the festivities - and I hope your urge to ride does get satisfied somehow.
If not at least you have lots of goodies to attach and arrange around your bike.

D A N O said...

I just got a Garmin 205 and also have been playing with it! Its got a ton of settings for stuff I dont understand yet.

One thing I did notice is the loss of signal in the woods. Then the distance isnt right. I was kinda bummed about that but dont know what to do about it. Let me know what you think when you get it outside. I used it for skiing (CC) too!

Had it out less than 10 times so Im still fine tuning.

Jeff said...

Winter Flab? Me too...I'm thankful for the baggier clothing of winter. If I took off my windstopper jersey, there would be a flabalanche.

Shawn Kielty said...

Chow down dude -- and happy holidays!

Shawn Kielty said...

If it's using GPS data to determine distance traveled it's inherently flawed. If you think about determining a distance travelled based on point data collected from a moving bike or person, you'll immediately understnd the problem.

It should be considerably short -- meaning the distance will be calculated based on some sort of fudge factor or averaging.

You can rest assured they are working hard to make it as accurate as possible, so it should get better as the distance traveled increases.