Thursday, February 15, 2007

We are not alone

They're out there.

(This here's what ya call the token picture
to fill a post when I'm too busy
to blog. Take my advice: Teach your children
how to properly microwave a potato
before you have to spend two nights
installing a new range-hood oven unit.)


Jeff said...

I'd like to hear that story!

Our microwave (range hood unit) has been busted for a few months now. Just don't have any extra cash to get it fixed. We've really only been buying the essentials lately. Like just this week we had to buy some SIDI road shoes, a set of Salsa skewers, some Race Face Atlas handlebars...

Chris said...

Not enough holes with the fork first?

Tim said...

Well, it was my son's doing. Hey, you can't really blame him at his age. He'll be 18 in a week, so that means he has only been operating microwave ovens for, what, 15 years or so?

His girlfriend was hungry, so he tossed in a potato and hit the "baked potato" button. What he didn't factor into this decision was that the only potatoes we had in the house were about the same size as a lime.

Fifteen minutes of "baking" charred that baby beyond recognition. We couldn't even use dental records or DNA to ID the remains. The microwave was totaled and the house smelled like smoke for three days. Fortunately, the damage was contained.

Back in '99, we had a kitchen fire that got into the attic. We were living in an apartment for 14 weeks after that sucker.