Wednesday, February 21, 2007


My wife says that if we decide to vacation in Tennessee anytime soon, we're ordering the tourism brochure under a fake name. Since the Tennessean published this story on the contents of yesterday's post, the little photo scandal has hit blogs, forums, websites and news outlets in the viral fashion that only the Internet can create. When I start getting calls from reporters, you know something weird is happening.

Bicycles & Icicles is getting its 15 minutes.

Stay tuned. We will soon return to our regularly scheduled, bike-related silliness.


Leah in Nashville said...

I thought I would give you an update and let you know they linked your blog. It's on the right side, under the photo from your blog.

Have a great day!

Bill Hobbs said...

Beating the Tennessean by a day isn't a big deal. Most bloggers beat them by a week or two!

KM said...

It is hard to believe that the ad agency was so stupid to think that someone would not catch it.

Before the internet, I was visiting a client and he had a beautifully framed photograph of Shenandoah National Park behind his desk. When I commented on it, he declared that it was one of the best photographs he had ever taken and was considering selling copies.

Problem was, the actual photographer was a good friend of mine and I was with him on a hiking trip when he took it. It was a little awkward to tell him that but we all had a good laugh about it and I hope he never tried to sell copies.


EggsnGrits said...

What a laugh. Bumbling ad agencies. I've often wondered why we normal humans allow our news and advertising to be filtered by dolts on a deadline. As if.

As a Tennessean, I find it offensive that we couldn't muster up a better shot than this on our own, not that you said anything about us, it, them, etc. And, the previous commenter is correct -- no open vistas here. Heavily wooded and overgrown, that's how our hills look. And to me, that's better than that shot from Alaska anyday. To each his own.

Kudos. And heaps of shame on our horrible-beyond-belief newspaper, the Anything-but-Tennessean because they are so out-of-step with the local populace.

Pete said...

Your new nickname is now "scoop"

Jill said...

Hey Tim,

An edit of that Tennessean story with your quote in it was picked up today by The Associated Press wire.

Congratulations. You're national.

Jeff said...

It was probably designed by some web geek that doesn't have any relation to the sport. I've seen plenty of web pages with pictures from image libraries...just clip art of related subjects. Very need real pictures!

Congratulations on your infamy!

bosskat said...

heard the story on the radio today... funny stuff.