Tuesday, February 13, 2007

You mean even the ... ?

We've all seen at least one
"you know you're a cyclist when" list, right?

Well, I'd like to add one item to the list.
You know you're a cyclist when you have
the following conversation:

Co-worker: So how many bikes do you have, anyway?

Me: Well, does ...

Co-worker (interrupting): Yes, they all count.


George said...

You know it's bad when you don't actually *know* how many bikes you have.

the old bag said...

good point -- stopping to think is a bad sign...,

good sign :-]

Anonymous said...

Talk to your doctor. You may be suffering from GAS, also known as "Gear Aquistition Syndrome". It's a common disorder among cyclists.

D A N O said...

Q: Does your childs bike you got her last year count?

A: Its got a 17 inch frame and its big enouph for you to ride it. Yes.

Besides, you got her the higher end Epic so you can scam the wheels off it if needed.

gwadzilla said...

I am looking for a new bike...
and well
my five year old could not understand why I would want another bike

I do not ask him why he needs more pokemon cards

gwadzilla said...


I actually want two bikes

but that is actually contingent on my starting to sell stuff on eBay

anybody want some junk?

old bag?
I got junk
ya need junk?

Tim said...

Dano -- No, the family bikes don't count against my inventory, but I'm told by family and friends that the stripped frame and partially assembled old Schwinn do count. Back in September, I posted "Tim’s Universal Law of Bicycle Quantification," in which I clearly disqualified project bikes from being included it total counts.

But to people listen to me?


And Gwadzilla, does any of your junk happen to resemble a Pugsley?