Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Purgatory and Peru

We're smack dab in the middle of springtime purgatory. The roads are covered with an alternating mix of ice, slush, dry pavement and running water. The Hillside trails will soon break down as the snow melts and turns them into goo for a couple of months.

This would be a hard time of year to be a bicyclist in Anchorage if it weren't for knowing this is just a nasty step on the way to summer. And if it weren't for a great distraction in the form of Eric Parsons' slide show, "In Search of the Talking Llama," this Thursday night at the BP Energy Center.

Hearing about Bearbait's winter in South America will probably make guys like me feel inspired and slothful all at the same time.

This stuff's too good to miss.


daveIT said...

ARRRGH and you missed it. I would seriously go watch it again. I think STA made some good money. Talk about a great event for a great cause.

Hey you want to put up a link to Rio's new Soggy Bottom site? It's
aksoggybottom100.blogspot.com. I just made that site for him this week so it's a little rough, but all the race info is up there.

Tim said...

Man, I was bummin' all night last night, knowing you guys were all at Bearbait's event and I was at home poppin' decongestants and trying to breathe again. What a pisser.

I've added Rio's new site under my Alaska Stuff links.

Michelle said...

White Water Rafting Party at my place! Bon fire and beer. Just as good as biking, if you are tough enough. Got to get creative when break up comes.