Monday, April 30, 2007

Speedy Sunday

(Updated to include link for online viewing of Urban Cyclist)

What a great bike day. Maura and I joined the ABC ride from Anchorage to the Alyeska ski resort area in Girdwood. I rode from my house to meet up with the group, and bagged a little over 69 miles in 4 hours, 11 minutes of riding time, not to mention a tasty bowl of soup at the turnaround point.

Then I came home to find out that Jeff Guerrero and company had finished the debut edition of a new 'zine called Urban Cyclist. You can check out the first issue by downloading your free copy in .pdf format, or view it online here.

Of course, I learned that the issue was online when I logged on to the local mountain-bike forum and saw Dave's thread called "Mr. Woody poses nude for a new magazine." As if any of you needed that disturbing image in your brain.

But if you read very closely, you just might see someone you know.

But he won't be nekkid.


Luke said...

Geez,! You sure don't look like you love riding in the city in that shot. Who's your PR person? He/she needs to talk to you about your image.

Jeff said...

I just figured his mouth was frozen shut...

Tim said...

Many people have wished it were.

Anonymous said...

Great looking zine and impressive ad line from some bigger names too. It looks like it's going to be around a while.

Now just what did you mean in your feature when you said "Anchorage is my favorite because it's the least hostile city in which I've spent a lot of time on the bike,..." Where were you riding; Beruit? Occupied West Bank? "Green Zone" in Bagdad?

Anchorage drivers are some of the most disrespectful and ignorant I've dealt with compared to any of the other big cities I've riden in. How many times a week (or day) are you run off the road by some hothead in a pickup truck or minivan driving on the shoulder? I've lost count myself.

Maybe I'm unfairly comparing Anchorage to Portland or Eugene (cycling Nirvanas) but these drivers have a lot to learn.

And one more thing. When are we going to hold an Alleycat up here? C'mon people. Fix up those hubs and let's race.