Saturday, April 28, 2007

Manning Up

After I designated last Sunday as Poetry Day at Bicycles & Icicles, Adam slapped me around via e-mail:

“A lot of folks think that one of the nice things about progressive living in the 21st century is that a man can write poetry and still be a man. I call those folks hippies and losers. Seriously, did you not expect to catch shit for writing a poem? I mean jeez.”

I pointed out that I didn’t write the poem, I just linked to it because I’m a sensitive guy in touch with my feelings.

I can cry, you know.

But in the interest of manning up and maintaining editorial balance, I’m designating today “Man Day” at Bicycles & Icicles by posting a pic of a hot babe with a bicycle, and sharing something that Adam says is a good man poem:

There once was a old hooker from Perth
Who had an extremely wide girth

When she rode her bicycle
She got a nice tickle
So she pedaled for all she was worth!


daveIT said...

Where's the bike? All I see are boooooooooooooooooooooooooobs!

Yesterday I rode the Yeti up to Kincaid and back. I got passed at Earthquake park by a girl on a Trek with downtube shifters. I had to stick it in the big ring to keep up and enjoy the scenery. It was a fun ride, but there were strong headwinds /sideways winds both ways

bosskat said...

There once was a man from Kildare,
Who used to do his wife on the stair,
But the bannister broke, so he doubled his stroke...
And finshed her off in the air.

Pete said...

Thank you, I needed that.

Luke said...

You hypocrite! This gratuitous play for page views is OK, but anything other than just-the-facts-ma'am cover lines is sensationalism?! Who you kiddin'??? You're a Rupert Murdoch in the making!

Jeff said...

So this is the picture you've been saving for the right time. Nice.