Monday, April 16, 2007

A better idea

I was planning a moderately hard solo ride tonight when my almost-13-year-old daughter asked if I had a ride planned. Then she asked if I'd go riding with her.

We did a short, flat ride, and it ended with ice cream.

That works too.


D A N O said...


My daughter will be 13 in a month and for her its all MTV and cell phone texting.

I blame her mother.

Jerome said...

You made the right decision. It seems that once children get a little older, they want nothing to do with their parents, so it's important to take full advantage of these times. Good Move.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmm… ice cream.

I had the best milk shake at Cold Stone the other day - "cake batter". It was so rich that if I was gonna vomit, it would be with a smile on my face.

Gabriel still doesn't even want to sit on a bicycle let alone go for a cruise with me. I'm letting him go for 50 bucks.

Yak at you later - Robjeezy

Tim said...

Dang, if I wouldn't have to feed him for another 12 years before he could start mowing the lawn, I'd give ya 50 bucks for him today.

Michelle said...

Nothing better than that ride. I'm far my son STILL wants to ride with me. I have a sneaky suspition that this may change once he gets his driver's license and can drive himself to the trails. Then no more waiting for slow, old, creaky mom. He may forget to take me on his rides, but I will never forget our rides together.

I have never yet been able to get my daughter to go for a ride....she takes after her dad that way - darn it.

gwadzilla said...

that sounds good...

parenting and ice cream

you won twice