Monday, November 03, 2008

The time has come

Ride to your polling place
and vote Tuesday.

But if you vote for McPalin,
this photo's for you:

The Fingers keep coming!
Oscar the Grouch, photographed by Manny


Anonymous said...

Hey Tim!
How to things look over there in Russia? Have you seen anybody up to no good today? You guys better watch out!

Jeff Moser said...

I was pretty impressed to see the percentage of voters that went for McCain in your state. Your state almost surpassed Utah!

Nevada turned blue this year! I almost fell over. Blue for president, but still red for many of the other offices. Not saying that's good or bad...just interesting.

Tim said...

This is a very "red" state, Jeff.

One race is so close that we might not know the result for two weeks, but it appears that Alaska voters are re-electing a Republican who was just convicted on seven felony charges.

That's truly embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

We DID bike to our polling place....funny thing...we were the only ones though. Didn't vote for Obama thanks for the finger...nice to meet you too. The only thing more embarrassing than your convicted senator is Al Franken with ZERO political experience and NO interest in MN but still running...the jury is still out as to if he's in or not.