Thursday, December 18, 2008

Way better than marshmallows

The Frigid Bits Burn Barrel is more than just a source of heat. It’s a gathering place, a shrine, an altar for those who worship mountain biking.

We flock to it for salvation on dark winter nights when we gather for the fun and lunacy of riding through super cold air with only a small bubble of battery-powered light to guide us.

And on our coldest nights, we rely on the FBBB for one of its most important functions: Keeping the damned beer warm enough to drink. Where else are you gonna find people holding their brews directly over open flames between sips?

While bike riders in other parts of the nation and world are worrying about how to keep their beer cold, we worry about ours turning too slushy—or worse, freezing solid. And there’s nothing that disappoints a person like popping the cap off a bottle of brew and taking a great big swig o’ nuthin’ when you tip that sucker back.

Keep the beer fires burning.


Julie said...

I think the solution is to drink faster.

saved by biking said...

Nice pics, all mine from that evening had my frozen breath obscuring the image..

As I made ready for my commute to work on Monday morning I became aware of ash and the smell of Diesel on my Neos. Later, as I wiped my nose on the back of my glove... Eau de Midnight Sun was present.

Yes, both smells made for happier memories than the burnt sugar cane smell of marshmallows!

rio said...

The only winter mt. bike shrine in the world

Grill Meister said...

I had to split back to Colorado way earlier than expected. Saturday Nights gathering of th Sno Bros was the highlight of my visit. There isn't a better bunch of people to hang-out with regardless the weather. As I donned my jacket to head to the airport on Monday my face almost split with a shit eating grin as the smell of wood smoke brought on a flood of good memories of toasting my Frigid Bit riding companions.

Grill Meister