Monday, December 21, 2009

Powder day

Kathy passes through the pretty stuff

I have a love/hate relationship with fresh snow. I love how beautiful it is, and I love the way it covers roots and little stumps, changing the character of a trail between summer and winter.

Leonard on Salmon Run

But I hate all the work it takes to pack trails and make them fun to ride again. I hate the way I founder in the powder when a trail is only four to eight inches wide, and the slightest error—and I make a lot of errors—yanks my front wheel off its line.

Petra cruises Moose Ridge

After last week’s dump, I’ll be pushing more than I like for a few more days. But once it gets packed again, damn, it’s gonna be sweet.


Joboo said...

Sweet is right!!!!!!
Damn I can't wait to get my Fatty up and running!!!!!

Unknown said...

I'm somewhat new to all this, but what kind of bike, and what kind of wheels/tires are those? That looks like a great setup for winter biking!


Tim said...

There are several brands of fat bikes in use these days, Peter. Follow the links on my blog to Speedway Cycles (which makes the Fatback) and the Surly site (then look for the Surly Pugsley). If you follow the Chain Reaction link, you can check out their 9:ZERO:7 fat bike.

Vito said...

Shit! I'm salivating like one of Pavlov's dogs. Trying to get my Pugs built ASAP and can't find rims anywhere. Finally...out of desperation, I put in a bid on some wheels on eBay.

Going crazy here in MN.

swiss said...

i agree with peter, those are some serious tyres! and i like the glove things as well