Monday, December 14, 2009


The social element of mountain biking is a big part of the fun for me, so when most people seemed to be busy last Thursday night, I had to push myself to go out and ride alone.

Then I had one of my best rides of the winter.

Come Sunday, I didn’t even ask anyone to go. I rode at my own pace, concentrated on improving my snow-riding skills, and spent hours rediscovering old terrain and finding the new singletrack that seems to pop up only in winter.

It’s easy to get addicted to the fun of riding with friends. But it’s also good to break out and do your own thing. Riding alone allows you to experiment without pressure. You can try that little trail that you think goes somewhere, and suffer no harassment if it turns out to be the Highway to Hell.

Going solo is also a great way to tap into the meditative side of mountain biking. You can clear your head and concentrate on riding your line or listening to the woods. That stuff’s easy to overlook, if you’re not careful.

Never doing it would be a shame.


Vito said...

I love riding with my amigos, but at the same time spend most of my time riding solo.

I've always been somewhat of a loner and tend to prefer it that way. Solo winter rides in northern Minnesota cause my family and friends some concern because of the safety factor.
So, I make sure I'm extra careful and go prepared.

Enjoy your winter and thanks for sharing your experiences with those of us in the L48. I really enjoy reading your posts.

Joboo said...

Very rare be the times I ride with others, In the winter it's even less.
I love hearing the tires crunch through the snow, and wonder what others are doing as I ride through the woods. It has never bothered me to ride alone, because I know nothing else.
The only thing I dislike about riding alone, is not being able to share the cool things you see while on my ride. Other than that, riding by ones self is very special time for me. Riding my bike has saved me much money in head shrinker bills!!!