Tuesday, March 30, 2010


They’re here, they’re real, and they’re spectacular. Surely destined to become the must-have fat-bike accessory for next season, the custom Bicycles & Icicles frame stickers have finally arrived, giving winter bikers a new way to figuratively thumb their nose (or flip the bird) at bike-hating Nordic ski snobs.

I slapped a couple on the Pugsley tonight before heading out on what was likely my final fat bike ride of the season. The afternoon sun is turning the trails into mush. The turns on Speedway are getting so rutted that even Endomorphs can barely hold on.

We’re entering the Dark Zone—that dreaded period between good snow trails and the dry dirt that won’t be available for another two months. I’d say we’ve entered road bike season, but that’s still a couple of weeks away for anyone who doesn’t want to go out for a ride and return home covered in wet road grime from all the snowmelt flowing in the streets.

This is also the period when the blog tends to slow down, because trainer rides and brooding impatience aren’t very inspiring. This time of year, all a person can do is put his head down and try to get through it.

And maybe put some shiny new stickers on the fatty.


JordyB said...

Where can a guy get some of these awesome stickers? Will there be a giveaway? ;p

Notorious T said...

Keep an eye out for me, and I'll hook you up next time I see you. I plan to keep a few handy for when I run into people around town, on the trail, etc.

Debbie said...

Am I allowed to have two? One for my bike and one for the crotch of my bike shorts?

Notorious T said...

Hmm. Would this be a bad time to mention my idea of having people e-mail me photos of their stickers in use, so that I can post some pics on the blog?

Julie said...

I suppose these stickers can take on many roles. The bikes, Debbie's shorts, any mountain bikers legs... I might need more than ten. I look forward to offending people all over Anchorage! Is that what you had in mind Tim? :)

Notorious T said...

Julie, I'm hurt by the suggestion that I would want to offend anyone! Hmm. Maybe you have a point about multiple uses, though.I might need to order a second batch ...

Mark said...

Road grime?
Worry about that, and you'll end up a tightass nordic skier.

luv yer blog,

PS Got a month of fatbiking left here in Nome and no skinazis. Lots a dogshit on the mushing trails, though, and the slednecks don't brake for bikers.

Notorious T said...

Mark, I guess you haven't read my previous posts about the beauty of fenders:


But good luck getting fenders on a race-designed, carbon-fiber road frame. And even if you do, you're gonna get somewhat sloppy on a long ride this time of year.

Mark said...

Carbon fiber! That's your problem. My condolences. I didn't know they still made bikes out of THAT!

In jest,

ps still luv yer blog