Sunday, March 06, 2011

End of the road

This photo is what I love about the Fabulous Finger Gallery. Every time I think the movement has quietly died, a gem shows up in my inbox.

Our man Dylan here pedaled from Seattle to where the road ends at the southern tip of Argentina, and then he propped his camera atop his bicycle and flipped me off. That's style!

Dylan missed Anchorage during his trip, and he said Bicycles & Icicles was one of the online escapes that helped him cope with 130-degree heat in Paraguay. It's good to know a few pictures of beardsicles and snowy trails provided a few moments relief along the way.

Dylan, you capped an epic journey with an epic flip-off. Well played, sir. And congratulations on riding all the way to Tierra del Fuego.


Leo said...

Wow,that is a looonnng ride. You are the man!
I once flipped TW off from my living room


Roman Dial said...

Let's hear it for Dylan!

bikegirl said...


Is there a sign on the slope saying how far it is to Tierra del Fuego? Just curious.