Sunday, March 13, 2011

March Madness

Middle Fork, 3.11.11

Some people say that summer is the reason we endure Alaska winters. But in March, spring riding feels like enough of a reason to me.

This is about as good as it gets, especially when the weather stays as sunny as it has for the past couple of weeks. The trails are killer good, the temperatures are perfect, the bears are still asleep and the mosquitoes haven't hatched.

I spent Friday on a leisurely solo tour of the STA trails, Llama and Middle Fork. There's nothing quite as nice as a mid-ride snack when the day's so warm you can just sit in the snow and still enjoy the food and the view.

I even managed to finally get a nice portrait of my new Fatback, freshly equipped with a custom frame bag.

A long ride on Friday, snowshoeing with my daughter on Saturday, and a good ride today. The only thing missing is enough rest.

Sleep deprivation. Yeah, that's a sure sign of spring.


Michael said...

Love the photo - lone rider in a great expanse of snow, and while it might make for a good story if that were a wolf trailing along, I assume it is a dog a little behind.

Notorious T said...

Sharp eye, Michael. Damn, I love it when people really look at a photo. No wolf, though. That was definitely her dog.