Saturday, December 10, 2011

Can't touch the Snatchsquatch

Over the past few days, I’ve read 25 comments on my post about naming bikes. I have found, through my unscientific survey, that women tend to name their bikes more often than men do. But that’s not all.

My good friend Julie calls her bikes names like “piece of shit” and “bastard child,” but that’s mainly when she’s working on them.

Sierra, over in Whitehorse, gives her bikes names like Snatchsquatch, Dick Van Byke and Contessa Von Awesome.

I’m still not sure about the merits of naming bicycles, but I’ve learned one thing: Women are a lot better at it.


Vito said...

"Snatchsquatch" is deserving of a top tube decal or even a bumper sticker.

Geargals said...

I added myself to the survey and did the calculations. Ratio of men to women who name their bikes is about the same so far.

Sierra's the only person in the world who should be allowed to do it, though.