Friday, December 23, 2011

Festive Fingers

Deb and the twins wish you a Merry Christmas.
(The dogs do, too.)

It's a tradition this time of year to send cards with family pictures on them, so what better way to create an official Bicycles & Icicles holiday card than to use a flip-off photo from a member of the dysfunctional family that makes up the regular readership of this blog?

As another year winds down, I'd like to say thanks to everyone who shared a fun ride, contributed to the Fabulous Finger Gallery, or killed time reading this silliness every week.

Whatever you're into this weekend, have a good holiday and safe travels. Especially when you're on two wheels.


Jennoit said...

Have a great holiday and trip to Hawaii Tim!

Debbie said...

And to all my fellow members of this dysfunctional family: remember that in many states it's still legal to shack up with your cousins.

Nunzilla said...

"May the axial tilt be with you."

"And also with you."

Tim said...

Thank you, Sister, for a year of nasty habits.