Monday, September 12, 2005


We begin this week, dear readers, with a picture of my friend and frequent riding partner Sue in all her cycling-chick glory. She observed during Saturday's ride that she was once mentioned on this blog, but under the somewhat impersonal title of "etc." As in, among the many things I accomplished one weekend was watching the kids, doing some chores, "etc."

"Etc." included installing a new rear derailleur on her Rockhopper. (I'm not the best mechanic in town, but I offer same-day service and work for booze.) To make up for her previous anonymity, I nearly ran her off the trail by taking this picture with one hand while riding, and then posted it here. Perhaps when she's mentioned here in the future, it will be as Miss Ed Cetera. Or not.

Saturday was a great day for cruising on slicks along Turnagain Arm. Sunshine, cool air and 29 traffic-free miles thanks to the newly completed Indian to Girdwood trail, which runs south near the Seward Highway. After Thursday night's rocky ride to Powerline Pass, it felt like time to log a few miles that accommodate easy conversation.

Speaking of Alaska rides, those of us who pedal through the woods here spend a lot of time watching out for brown bears (grizzlies, to most folks). And as I mentioned on one of the early posts on this blog, Miss Ed Cetera and I happened to see a big ol' bear while riding singletrack two or three weeks back. Living near bears, combined with being a father, allows me to tell you that this man is a heroic stud with two big brass ones. He considers himself lucky. I consider his daughter lucky. That dude deserves to be Father of the Year.

Ya'll come back now, ya hear?

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