Thursday, September 01, 2005

Places to go, things to see

I've long believed (OK, maybe two weeks) that the best thing any blogger can do for the unfortunate souls who stumble across one of these self-indulgent sites is to direct them to places they might not otherwise know about. So, while perusing some cycling-related sites that I hadn't visited for a while, I decided to share them with my vast array of readers. Hopefully, they'll both feel enriched by the experience.

Any cyclist who is married (as I am), especially to a noncyclist (as I am), will enjoy this Post-nuptial Agreement.

Jim Langley has a variety of interesting stuff, including some great old bicycle ads and photos of his head badge collection.

If you can wade through all the information that Sheldon Brown of Harris Cyclery has assembled on his site, you're likely living in your parents' basement and haven't seen the sun in weeks. But it's a better use of your time than playing online games or surfing midget porn. At least I assume it is. You could be a midget.


gwadzilla said...

am i self absorbed?
I said, "am I self absorbed?"

you have not answered yet!

all bloggers are a tad self absorbed
even me

Tim said...

Well, not ALL bloggers are self-absorbed. I just do this to share my important views so that the world can find its way here and learn from me.

gwadzilla said...

Pat Irwin was sponsored by a bike shop in his home town many year's ago named Woody's
is that you?

and what is that "mud run?"

Tim said...

Nope. I've never owned a shop. Pat told me last winter that his cousin owns Woody's. I tracked the shop down at because I wanted to order some shorts with the shop logo (Woody is my last name) but they never answered my e-mails.

The mud run featured on my other blog is an annual competition between two local high schools during their week of Navy ROTC boot camp at Fort Richardson. Teams slog through the mud course while competing for the best time.

I set up the photo blog as an easy way to share my pictures with all the cadets who wanted to see them. My 16-year-old son is deeply into NJROTC and planning an Army career.

LglEgl said...

I worked a promise to encourage me to bicycle and puchase components as long as we both shall live into my wedding vows. Damn, I wish I wouldhave known about this....