Saturday, December 10, 2005

And then, cabin fever set in

The poetic Old Bag keeps her blog interesting by coming up with material like baiku: haiku about bikes. She even has her neighbor over at Two Cities, Two Wheels doing it.

When I found myself starting to post a T&A shot to keep the blog going during our temporarily aborted winter,
I decided it was time to try baiku. It was 47 degrees when I drove to work Friday morning, which means Anchorage is still a miserable blend of glare ice and filthy puddles. (Go for a ride, and you'll come back looking like you work in a very wet coal mine.) I've gotta do something and I can't afford therapy.

I'm still posting the hot pinup girl. Call me a pig, I don't care.

Damn, I really need a bike ride.

December thaws suck
Slush and slop stop bike riders
I whine, and risk scorn


Studs need cold weather
My blog stagnates, uninspired
You didn't notice?

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the old bag said...

Nice baiku!