Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Does this bike make my butt look big?

There's a woman in my office who thinks I'm odd not just because I ride to work all year, but also because I eat the same lean lunch nearly every day. She made a wisecrack yesterday about my size. At least it was a flattering comment—she joked that her left leg probably weighs more than I do.

I looked at her and said, "Uh, how much do you think I weigh?"

"Mmm, about 165," she replied.

I haven't seen 165 since about 1978.

She's not nuts; people usually think I'm a lot lighter than I am, unless they've waited for me at the top of a hill. I guess it pays to be tall and spread out the weight.

I'm a Clydesdale. That's life.

Small people smoke me on climbs.

Damn you, small people.


todd said...

Yeah? Well, taller people have a way easier time finding bikes that fit them.

the old bag said...

Yeah, I've not had a problem with a stock bike (although I dream of custom, but it's tough to justify). I've always dreamed of being petite, but it just ain't gonna happen.

Matt said...

I disagree about tall people having an easier time finding bikes. Go to your local bike store and see how many 68cm frames they have for sale. I rode too-small bikes for decades before finally getting one big enough. Actual conversation in bike store: How big's the bike? Me: 68cm **pause** You mean 58, right?

the old bag said...

Wow, Matt. How tall are you?

Phil B said...

More importantly, even though us Clydesdales take longer to get to the top, we can do it all day long... oh, and we reach terminal velocity on the decent much quicker than those smaller folks.