Friday, December 30, 2005

Happy New Year

The winter-bleached dumbass behind
Bicycles and Icicles riding Mack Ridge, Fruita, Colo.

May, 2005

Most memorable
bike-related moments of 2005

Riding The Edge Loop outside Fruita, Colorado
The kick-ass fun of descending
Moab's Porcupine Rim
Missing two weeks of riding in June—JUNE!—after surgery
to repair an injury
Hearing Sue say, "That's a big fuckin' bear!"
beside Campbell Creek,
and looking up to see that she was right
Unlocking the secret to a previously unrideable (for me)
section of singletrack on the 24 Hours of Kincaid
course, and then cleaning that section the rest of the summer
Riding through the high-country fog
near Lost Lake on the Kenai Peninsula
Descending Primrose Trail and
recovering from all the near-crashes on wet roots
The helmet-cam videotaping session
up and down Powerline Pass and Llama trails
Riding Mack Ridge outside Fruita while getting punchy,
and realizing for the first time
how my new full-suspension Epic is
The Master of Savin' My Ass From Disaster
The roller-coaster contours of Upper Spencer Loop
The mental image of my white bike frame against the blue sky
as I crashed on the down-slope side of Mary's Loop
Hearing the woman behind me on Mary's Loop ask,
"Did you wonder how far
you'd go before you came to a stop?"
and me answering, "Um, yeah."
The wonders of carbide-tipped, conical studs
Starting a blog about bikes
Thanks for reading
Bicycles and Icicles in 2005


George said...

Good stuff:-)

Anonymous said...

Best wishes for 2006! I look forward to reading more good "stuff" from your blog in the coming year. Regards.
Denny Gill

Tim said...

Thanks, Denny. Happy New Year to you, too. I hope we meet on the trail in 2006.