Sunday, December 11, 2005

Carbon lust

The forecast is looking up. Snow tonight and tomorrow, they say. Last time I checked, it was coming down as sleet. Sleet and fresh snow atop the glare ice that formed over the past week. That should make the Monday morning commute interesting. I don't want to say it's slick out there, but a road grader took out our mailbox this afternoon before nearly sliding into a neighbor's car. And the grader was running tire chains.

Luckily, was able to flag down the driver to let him know the ass end of his grader had hip-checked the mailbox I was picking up out of the snow. I had just finished a 90-minute session on my indoor trainer, so I got to waddle across the ice in a T-shirt and my manly Lycra shorts. Yeah, that was a special moment. Turns out, the guy used to live a couple of houses away, so he has seen me around the neighborhood enough to know about my bike fetish.

I also had some time to flip through the new issue of Dirt Rag and ogle some bike porn like the new Ibis Mojo Carbon pictured above. Talk about lustworthy. I'm a married man (to both my wife and my Epic) but I don't care. There are things I'd do to that little number. Unmentionable things. Dangerous things. The kind of things young children shouldn't see. Or try at home. Oh, c'mon. Take a close look at those thighs and tell me you wouldn't cheat on your bike with something that fine.

I also read an interesting review of the new Carver 96'er. A twenty-niner up front and a twenty-sixer in the rear. Different, but hey, if the whole alternative lifestyle thing happens to be your bag, who am I to judge? Looks like a fun ride.

Got a nice e-mail this weekend from Tom, who is a Bicycles and Icicles reader with his own blog. I figure if he reads my stuff, he must be a damn fine person, and he writes about bikes, so what the hell, check it out and see what he's up to.

What can I say? I'm a slut. Tell me you read my blog and I'll pimp yours.

Unless the Ibis gets to me first, in which case you'll have to leave a message, because I'll be "indisposed" for an extended period.

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