Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I found this when I finished riding
Spencer Loop on Friday afternoon.

Why do I rarely notice these trailhead
warnings until a month after
they've been posted?

Hmm. Maybe I'm supposed to check
the message board occasionally.

It's hard to remember such details
when I'm distracted by funny songs
about Dubya running through my head.

(That link may be NSFW,
but the song is hilarious.)


George said...

Oh *shit*.

You folks carry bear spray up there?

Tim said...

Not as often as I probably should, George. I always carry a canister when I'm in the backcountry but I usually don't bother with it here in town, even though we have a large bear population.

I'll carry it if I'm doing a late-evening solo ride. Otherwise, it's generally left among all the spare parts and other clutter on my workbench.

Bear encounters occur fairly often on Spencer Loop every summer, but they rarely result in injury (unless you count shattered nerves).

daveIT said...

Oh, thanks for taking me up Spencer Loop the other day!

Tim said...

Hey, I thought it might give you a chance to "become one" with nature.