Thursday, September 28, 2006

Money shot

Even a mud wrestler sometimes enjoys a bubble bath and some gentle attention.

The Epic has been doing hard time lately. Poor thing’s been rode hard and put away wet too often. Caked in mud for weeks on end. And those old knobbies were worn down to a shadow of their former selves. So Sunday morning, I put on some new Roll X Pros and then went for another sloppy ride, which is pretty much the only kind we've had all season.

I couldn't bear to see a nice bike in that abused state any longer. Sure, I like it down and dirty but, I mean, damn. A couple of nights ago I broke out the bucket and brushes, and scrubbed my baby all over. Then we went out in the back yard for a little bike-porn photo shoot.

Some people might think it's weird, but I don't care. I really enjoy staring at good-looking bikes.


daveIT said...

Gave mine a bubble bath the other night...hopefully I can get it out and dirty it up this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I worry. Your bike obsession isnt healthy.
ok yeah maybe technically it is healthy but its bloody weird! :)

Hope all is Well in ol 'Lasky.

Lots of bikers here in NZ but its incredibly hilly so which seems to weed out the casual bikers and its only the hardcore nutjobs like yourself in their tight trousers and funny helmets!

Sam D. (Irishman in New Zealand)

Tim said...

Weeded out by hills? Those kiwis must be a bunch of wusses. You should move back to Belfast, the land of badass dudes, Sammy.

You'd scare 'em all with that new tattoo!

Southeast NC Racer said...

Not to worry, I like staring too......SEXY!