Monday, June 11, 2007

Don't let this happen to you

Never go camping without a bike. Because, when you get right down to it, there's not much point to camping unless you have some fun activities to fill your daytime hours so that you can sit around the fire at night and reflect on the day.

I just went camping for a couple of nights and foolishly left all my bikes at home. In a moment of temporary insanity, I decided to try scoring a few domestic credits with my noncyclist wife. The forecast was for cloudy skies anyway, so I just took some binoculars for wildlife viewing, a book for leisure-time reading, and ... no freaking bikes!

The weather turned out to be spectacular. A great nearby trail was still muddy from the spring melt, but I was a only short distance from a great highway ride and didn't even have my road bike.

Those Boy Scouts might be a bunch of homophobic, athiest-hating Christians, but they have one thing figured out:

Be Prepared!

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shawnkielty said...

Nice -- yep -- always carry a bike with you.