Monday, September 08, 2008

Fall's comin'

Yellow leaves are falling on the trails. Autumn has begun. It’s time to write off the Summer That Never Was.

It was cold, rainy and cloudy. Bears created havoc. People got grumpy.

On top of that, I never seemed to get into good shape. Coming off a winter of little commuting, I never really found my groove. There were some good rides here and there, but only a few “great” rides, thanks to good trails and fun riding partners. My legs don't deserve much credit.

There’s nothing left to do but hope for a few nice fall rides, prepare the snow bikes for winter, and pray to the bike gods for more sun in ’09.


bikegirl said...

Nice photo - where'd you find that sunshine?
Yeah, I've been pretty grumpy this summer and not so svelt.

time to plan that vacation...

Tim said...

I found that sunshine in the place it was hiding all along: fall of last year!

Anonymous said...

AGREED!! slowpoke and i hooked up mid summer w/ the vow of getting out more this year, and while i did go to a few places i haven't been before i just did not get enough. bad weather, foot healing, knee injury, this summer sucked!
fitness..........dream on.