Friday, March 06, 2009

Fatties on film

Carl hard at work.

Carl, the man behind IndieAK films, has been schleppin' his camera through all kinds of weather this season while working on an upcoming documentary on winter riding in Alaska. He's capturing the fun, hard work, joy and misery of turning the cranks through darkness, snow and sub-zero cold so that the zaniness can be shared with the world. I'm confident the final product will be very cool.

In the meantime, he threw together a quick little film on the recent Susitna 100 that captures many elements of that event, and whets the appetites of Anchorage riders eager to see Fat Bike (working title) when it's finished. Trust me, this is worth 3 minutes of your day.


WheelDancer said...

That's some great camera work! I'll be looking for the final product!

The Old Bag said...

The cowards won't show and the weak will die

Gotta love it!

...I think I'll be stayin' home....

Doug said...

Love it! I've embedded it on my blog after seeing it here. It reminds me a lot of what it was like to be out on the trail during the Arrowhead 135. Specially the night time shot of the biker riding through the snowfall with his two lights lighting the way.

Vito said... it!

Groover said...

It's giving a good idea of what it like. Crazy! Thanks for posting the video.