Sunday, April 26, 2009


H celebrates the return of spring road riding,
or what passes for it here.

Saturday was the first time this season that I used a car to get to the start of a road-bike ride. That's an event that's always marked by a few little reminders of how important it is to have a pre-ride routine that helps you be sure you have everything you need before you drive away from the house. Food, water, tools, whatever.

Helmets are nice, too, especially when riding with H, the queen of traumatic brain injury prevention. Or Kathy, who remembers all too well that she was teased on the blog last month after riding without a brain bucket. So mea culpa, I blew it and showed up without a lid.

It's funny how naked it feels to ride without a helmet. It seems like every rider you meet is looking and you and thinking to himself, "Freakin' idiot."

Or maybe that was just Heather ...

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JordyB said...

Never leave home without your brain-bucket! ;p I'm sure I would have given you crap to for now wearing one!