Thursday, April 23, 2009

The rides you need

It hasn't been an easy week at work. Definitely more stress than usual—the kind that goes home with you at the end of the day. The kind you need to escape, sooner or later.

A couple of evenings out on the road bike have cleared my head and helped me get things in perspective. They've reminded me that, sometimes, a ride is more than just a ride, and can save your sanity. Especially on those nights when it would be easy to bail.

We've all seen those great bumper stickers such as, "Friends don't let friends vote Republican," or "Friends don't let friends drink white zinfandel."

Maybe there should be one that says, "Friends don't let friends skip rides."


corinne said...

i think that getting outside doing anything is the best antidote to stress. so how come our inclination is to curl up on the couch with Ben & Jerry and a stupid movie? maybe "friends don't let friends go inside?"

Grill Meister said...

It reminds me of all the times when Vicky knew, and she could read me better than I could ever imagine, that I needed a fix to get my head right when I wouldn't even recognize. With all the seriousness in the world she would say, "You need to go ride your bike!" If I started to make excuses like I had other more pressing projects or things that need to be taken care, she would literally push me into the bedroom and make me change into my jersey and riding shorts and made sure I went out the door. I just love her to death.

When I got back everything in the world was just perfect.

The Old Bag said...

See what a road ride can do fer you??

Seriously, I is a bit shitty here and the ride is keeping me on the edge of sanity. It's not taking care of things like it typically does, but it helps.

Maybe the prescription calls for MORE of it.