Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rose to the occasion

I love the eccentric touches that make each bike an odd or unique extension of its owner. Sometimes it’s a goofy paint job. Or it can be weird accessories or unusual combinations of components.

Kathy, a somewhat recent convert to the fat-tire cult, likes girly touches, such as lots of pink. She had the frame bag on her Fatback custom made so she could have a pink one. Last weekend, she showed up for a ride on her summer trail bike with its front wheel festooned with little pink roses.

I thought that was cool. Because she’s the only person I know who goes to that much trouble to decorate spokes. And because it gave me an excuse to use the word “festooned.” With the week I’ve had, it’s the little thrills that count.


Kat71 said...

Does this mean you have forgiven me for the hour and a half wait at Prospect?

Tim said...

Let's not get carried away, Kathy!

sean said...

kathy's bike is like a "where's waldo" of little fake roses. they're hidden all over the place if i remember correctly.