Monday, September 28, 2009

Turning out the light

Anchorage had 5 minutes, 39 seconds less daylight today than it did yesterday. The temperature seems to fall a little more each day, too. The weeknight rides I started at 7 o'clock all summer are now starting at 6, and I get back to my car in the twilight after the sun drops below the horizon.

The evening light is beautiful, but there's less and less time to savor it. We're racing the annual slide into darkness ... and losing. I rode the new trail network tonight, knowing it would probably be my last chance to ride it without lights (and/or a snow bike) for months.

I'm looking forward to the night rides of winter—and moving through the woods in a bubble of artificial light—but damn, I hate saying goodbye to sunny evenings.

Summer of 2009, you kicked ass.


damian said...

I was out there tonight. Going to try to squeeze in a few more after work rides. It really is awesome out there right now.

Vito said...

Feeling the same. Lights are charged and ready to go, but it certainly is wonderful enjoying those evening rides in what is left of the autumn sunlight.

lemmiwinks said...

I think we got your extra daylight down here. Sorry, you can't have it back, we're using it :-)