Monday, November 14, 2005

Surf's up, dude

Winters are long. Sometimes a little harmless defacement of public property in the name of humor is good for the soul when days are dark and temperatures are cold.

I didn't do it.

But I like it.

Alaska has a new mountain biker riding through her first winter in the far north. Judging by the posts on her blog, I think she's gonna be just fine. Anybody who shows up and starts doing long rides in the winter is probably mentally strong enough to avoid downing a case of Jack Daniels and shooting holes in her front door come February.

Instead, she can down a shot for warmth and then go on a full-moon ride on the glistening snow.

I spent quite a few years working in newsrooms, so I understand deadline pressure and the fact that sometimes you need to fill caption space with bogus copy until the real information arrives. Smart people use garble like "Xy Xy Xy," because you might forget to change it before publication. Fools use "Girls basketball team celebrates coming out as lesbians." The copy editor who pulled this stunt wins my nomination for Dumbass of the Week.

I love innovative bicycle design, but I just don't get Pedersen bikes. They claim their frames are strong and "ergonomically correct." OK, but they look strange. And riding in a position like you're standing ramrod straight? I call that air braking. If my body ever deteriorates to the point I can't ride a conventional bike (and with the way things are going, it will), I think I'll just to straight to a recumbent. I might ride with a bag over my head for a few months, but at least I'll be riding.

If you have kids and you have ever bought them an expensive toy only to watch them ignore it while they play with the empty box, you'll appreciate the wisdom and beauty of the cardboard box's admission into the hall of fame for toys.

Imagination. It's a very cool thing.


The Technohippybiker said...

I too found your site via the Drunk Cyclist and I am very glad I did! I lived in AK for a couple of years and was a bike commuter the whole time. Thanks for taking so many pictures of your daily life. Now that I live back in the Midwest I miss a real winter.

Also thanks for the link to Jill's site. I loved Homer and am soaking in any bit of Alaska I can get from far away. You two are making me question moving to Chicago!

Tim said...

Ahh, another recovering Alaskan! I've been corresponding a lot recently with a couple of friends who moved south and now long for a frosty winter in Anchorage. The place lures many back, ya know.

Thanks for the note. Glad to have you reading the blog.

Jill said...

Thanks for linking to my site! Your words of encouragment give me hope that I can and will survive this winter, long and cold as it may be. I look forward to purchasing my winter tires! Then I can hit the trails. Thanks again.