Friday, November 25, 2005

Takin' my new toy for a ride

I've been trying to work my way through 820 pages of John Irving's latest novel, Until I Find You, and my wife came home from the Black Friday shopping madness after buying me a new iPod Nano that I'm now busy filling up. (Apple products are so sweet, I almost wish they made bicycles.) Looks like it's a good day for a link dump. I can finally clear my bookmarks of some of this stuff I've been saving for my elite cadre of loyal readers.

Ever wished you could get around the damned machine that takes your calls when you phone a business? Stupid question. Of course you have. Thanks to Paul English, now you can. Check out his story, then go get his cheat sheet. It's a beautiful thing.

Just when we thought there couldn't possibly be another color breaking out in the silicone-bracelet world, a new one comes along that might be worth having. If you're a trend whore, be proud and say it loud.

Anyone who has been reading this blog for a couple of months knows I'm not a big fan of loose dogs, especially when they decide to take chunks out of mountain bikers' legs. Now there's a great solution. Take Cujo for a ride.

I've also been known to brag about the advantages of living in Alaska. Best reason of the week: When critters swim up our rivers, they die and then float back down. They don't set anchor in Mr. Happy.

Several inches of new snow and a two-hour ride on the trainer Friday afternoon. It might be time for a bike ride before insanity sets in. Too late . . . I watched my son's Donnie Darko DVD during the trainer ride. Insanity is already taking its toll.

Hopefully, some of this new powder will get packed down or plowed out of the way in the next day or two so that I can get out for a soul-reviving ride before that big bunny starts talkin' to me.

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