Sunday, January 01, 2006

Goin' for a ride

The blogosphere—at least the tiny, bike-related slice that I monitor—seems to be in a virtual coma. Everyone must be licking their wounds and regrouping after a big New Year's Eve. I'll just toss out this link for the few who might check in here before Tuesday's painful re-entry into the real world. Ease yourself into 2006 with a reassuring story about a bike ride across America.


Snow Jester said...

Firstly, I think your blog is great, and I can understand your passion for snow riding. On the odd occasion that there's been some good snow here in the South of England, I've enjoyed making knobbly tracks in the white stuff. Sadly the snow hereabouts is rare, and when it does come, its mostly that horrible slushy stuff that makes you wet and cold. But when the snow is cold and crip, then that's magic.

As to epic bike rides, I have had a dream since I was a kid of travelling under my own steam from Cape Horn to the Cape of Good Hope via the frozen Bearing Straits. I suspect that it will always be a dream, but you never know. However I did find this story of someone who did the trip on an 85cc motorcycle. Not as impressive as doing it on a pedal powered bike, but still a massive achievement.

Tim said...

An 85cc motorcycle?! I'll read that story just to find out if he had to push it up hills.

My epic-ride fantasies aren't quite so lofty. I'd be happy just to pull off my long-term goal of riding across North America.

Thanks for the note, Jester. I've seen regular hits from several places in the U.K. and always wondered who was reading the blog from there.