Monday, April 10, 2006


I bailed on the shop ride Sunday morning. And it wasn't even the damp Southeast weather that did me in. I was short of time for the list of things I need to accomplish while I'm in town. The decision was made a little easier, though, by the fact I'm spoiled.

My bikes at home are dialed-in and set up just the way I like 'em. This rented Rockhopper just doesn't cut it for a real ride. The stem's too short, the saddle's too forward, the tires are obese pigs, and I never bothered to replace the cheap-ass platform pedals with my beloved Egg Beaters, even though I've carted those suckers and my Sidi shoes all over the damned place for the past few days. The flat pedals make more sense for the utilitarian purpose the bike is serving while I'm here.

I've always liked the Rockhopper. It's a venerable model and a good, solid hardtail. Nothing fancy, but a reliable rig a person can ride for many years if they have it set up the way they like it. But a rental that doesn't quite fit right is a great reminder of why I own a bike case for mountain-biking trips. There's nothing like riding your own bike.

While pedaling through town on Sunday, I saw this Raleigh parked outside a seafood-processing plant next to Sitka Sound.

This is a set of homemade fenders.

This is a set of homemade fenders on steroids.

Any questions?

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George said...

I betcha the rider doesn't get very wet:-)

Gotta dig those kidney remover bar-ends..........