Sunday, April 23, 2006

Warm and fuzzy thought of the day

May anyone who breaks bottles on bike trails
spend eternity riding Huffys in Hell.

Other than that deep thought, I'm just gonna pass along a couple of links today. I'm always flattered when I see hits coming from other blogs that have linked to Bicycles and Icicles. I try to return the favor, so I recently added Chico Gino to my links list. Gino's a California rider when he's not busy with the other two-thirds of triathlon life. That'd be a nice little sport if not for all that swimming and running.

I've had a bunch of hits recently from Blue Collar Mountain Biking, which has also been added to my pile o' links. Interesting stuff over there. Check it out.

There's also the simply but aptly named Bikeblog, which is written by Michael Green in Brooklyn. He rides the pavement of the Big Apple each day, while my world is the ice and dirt of Alaska. I guess blogging gives each of us a chance to visit a whole other world for a few minutes at a time.

Several people have e-mailed me recently to ask for links, which must mean more people are reading this blog. Some of their sites are worth reading, if you're in the mood for what they do, but I have a few unwritten guidelines about my links, and this blog in general.

This is my tiny sliver of the online bike world. I don't write about the little dramas in my life or at work, what color I'm going to paint the bathroom, or what I ate for dinner last night. I try to avoid politics and I don't bore you with details about anything else in my life that isn't at least somewhat bike-related. Other people can write about their relationships or the new shoes they bought last weekend. That's not why I do this. So I don't post links to blogs that aren't about bike life. Don't even ask.

That's the cool thing about blogs. We all get to be dictators in our little niches of the blogosphere.

I'm the decider.


George said...


I kinda post all kinds of stuff in my blog.

Better warn your readers:-)

Tom said...

Pardon me.
They weren't just any shoes.
They were Sidi Dominators.



Tim said...

Nah, George. I don't need to warn them. Your blog is plenty bike-related.

And Gorilla, anyone who springs for a pair of Dominators has earned the right to put the transaction in their blog.

Fancy-ass designer shoes, no. Sidis, you damn betcha.