Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Worn out

Home, sweet home. Finally back in Anchorage after seven days in Southeast. Catchin' up on sleep and laundry, and gettin' all my stuff stowed away. Also got my truck washed and posted for sale. Time to switch to a 4Runner. The beloved Tacoma's gonna need a new home.

Time to start working off the physical trauma of a week of travel. Too much restaurant food. Too little exercise. Too many places. Too much done in too little time. I need to decompress for a day or two, then get my diet and my workouts back on track.

Anchorage riders, if you haven't already heard, ABC's annual spring bike swap will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. this Saturday at O'Malley Elementary School. Best of all, board members will be distributing free helmets to needy kids. Good effort on the club's part. If you know a kid who needs help getting a helmet, send him to the bike swap.

Today's photo is a hard-working old Raleigh outside the White Elephant thrift store in downtown Sitka. Chances are, if you see a bike in that town, it's a Raleigh or a Specialized. There's only one shop in town, so brand options are limited.

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walkert said...

I've been to Sitka! What's the riding like up there? I'm from Durango, Colorado. We've got some loooong epic riding and desert screaming here. In other words, we've got lots of trails so we get "worn out" too.

By the way, your blog is great! I'll keep tabs on it and post some comments.

GO AK!!!

Walker T