Thursday, January 04, 2007

Keepin' it real

I was taking a break from running my snowblower (again) when I came across this cartoon on Martino's site about the same time my younger brother and I were having an e-mail exchange about this great essay in The New York Times.

My brother is a physician who feel that too many people today are being overmedicated, and too often told they have this or that "syndrome" instead of being told to change their lifestyles and take more responsibility for their own health.

Before returning to private practice, he used to teach at a medical school where he forbade his residents and students from using the term "metabolic syndrome," which he considers to be a bullshit diagnosis.

He made them call it "fat, with side effects."


Chris said...

I agree that too many people are medicating for BS reasons. My favorites are Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which may not even exist.

the old bag said...

great article

gwadzilla said...

i have a friend working on getting his ND

people can alter their health in other ways than medication

it bothers me that a surgeon will repair an obese person's knee

rather than saying...

lose 100 pounds
then we can do the surgery
as the human body is not built to carry such mass