Monday, January 01, 2007

Vive le Frigid Bits!

I was stuck on the indoor trainer all weekend.
Had my bike prepped and ready to go
for Saturday's race, but left it home
after four inches of snow fell at my house
in the last three hours or so before race time.Turns out, the course got only an inch of snow
after Carlos cleared it earlier in the day,
so conditions were way better than I thought.I missed out on racing, but I took some photos
and shot the shit with other folks during the race,
which had some heated competition
and a fair number of gnarly wipeouts.
And the post-race tailgate party was a classic.
Bikes. Falling snow. Beer. Burgers. Brats. Cool people.
Where else can you party in the snow at night
when it's 10 degrees?

Long live the Frigid Bits.


Chris said...

The only thing that I see missing is an igloo and someone ice fishing.

Keith said...

Thanks for the early AM humor. Made the commute a bit better.