Sunday, January 14, 2007

Raubgee goes over the hill



Designer of the not-quite-world-famous
Team Megasorass logo.

Bike-racin' funhog.

Reigning champion of the
Frigid Bits costumed division.

And now ... 30-year-old.

Happy Birthday, Rob.


Jill said...

Happy birthday Rob!

I'm not far behind you ... and I haven't accomplished nearly as much.

Anonymous said...

And I didn't think I amounted to a hill of beans, now I have a sweet epitaph! Not that I want to go just yet, but if I did, it sounds like I've had a good life:)
It's the day after now, but strangley I don't feel any different. Just the same creaks and groans I already had. Thanks for coming to the party it was fun.


Tim said...

Just remember, Rob. Thirty is too old to be waking up and eating leftover pizza for breakfast.

Save that shit for lunch like a responsible adult.