Friday, January 19, 2007

Non-critical Mass

It was time for a slow and unfocused ride
with no destination.
That's often the best kind.
So five of us met
at Westchester Lagoon and rode south
until a stubborn moose forced us
to change our plan. Well, he would have ...
if we'd had a plan.So we turned around and rode downtown.
We rode past Adam's office
and found him working late, so we flashed our lights
through his window until we got his attention
and he came out to say hello.We rode out to the city boat launch near Ship Creek.
Then we rode up Ship Creek.
With no paddle.But only a short distance, because we didn't want
to get caught up Ship Creek ... well, you know. We shot the shit. We ate Maura's mint-and-chocolate cookies.Life is good. Cookies are good. Bike rides are good.


Chris said...

I hate when mooses mess with my ride too. haha

D A N O said...

Urban assault is always fun in winter!

gwadzilla said...

you guys are insane!