Thursday, February 21, 2008

Alex floats a wheelie

I was looking for a place to eat dinner
Wednesday night when I came across
Alex, a 16-year-old guy from Santa Fe,
riding wheelies down San Francisco Street
on his twofortythree.He made several passes for me
so I could shoot photos, and he held
a wheelie for 60 or 70 yards each time.


Anonymous said...

COOL pictures! i used to do that on my 73 Schwinn Stingray,ah to be young again !THANKS the wheely

Anonymous said...

OOPS,THANKS for the Wheely!

Here and there said...

I love those pics of Alex!

Frederick Ingram said...

Yes but can he do it in the snow?

Tim said...

Good question. I think that wheelie would look better on a fat bike!

gwadzilla said...

that is sweet...

the wheelie gene

I lack it

I have the fall over and get hurt gene instead