Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Coolest jersey ever

I'm about to get outta Dodge for a couple of weeks, and blog updates will likely be infrequent. But before I split, I've got to say thanks to Nick from The Sock Site. He runs a small outfitting company in Utah and recently expanded into cycling jerseys. Once he found out I'm a longtime Deadhead, he hooked me up with this Steal Your Face logo jersey that instantly became the coolest jersey in my closet. He has more jerseys to check out at the link above, or from "Cycling Jerseys at The Sock Site," which has been in my permanent links at the right side of this page for the past year or so.

And thanks to Anka from Crank Bros., who forgave me for busting a pump I admitted I was using "outside the design parameters" at 15F below zero. I asked for a couple of new parts, and she sent me a whole new pump. Good service from a company that also makes my favorite pedals and trail tools. Sweet.

The snow is fallin' and I'm headed south to eat some green chiles, tip a few beers with some old friends, and to spend a few days learning how to take better pictures. I'll post to the blog a time or two if I can, and resume the rest of this nonsense when I get back.

Speaking of all the falling snow, good luck to everyone signed up for this week's Susitna 100. The weather forecast looks ominous, and this might not be a good year for the bike riders. I hope that's not the case.

Manny, Oscar, Mike M., Tony and all the rest: Be safe, and happy trails. May they be smooth and fast ... or at least rideable.


erik k said...
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erik k said...

hey did you see the moots snow bike (scroll to bottom of post) at the hand made bike show? I soon as a saw it I figured you would be stoked on it
moots snow bike

Dead Head Unite!

Frostbike said...

Hmmm, another deadhead? I wonder if there's something about the GD and biking...

Anonymous said...

Primal Wear jerseys used to rock... but I don't like their '08 jerseys that much anymore. I hope they'll return to their roots soon.