Sunday, April 27, 2008


Who loves ya, baby?

I seem to inspire this kind of behavior without even trying. It's like I have a gift. Or a camera.

I get The Finger a lot. It's often because I'm pointing a camera at someone while he or she rides a bicycle. My friends sometimes appear to grow tired of having their pictures taken. Don't these people realize I have a blog to fill?

You'd think they'd consider my needs. But noooooo. A few little clicks of the camera, and sproiiiiiing, the ol' Finger pops up like a jack-in-the-box. Except in the case of John, who sometimes chooses to keep it on the down low. But high or low, The Finger is The Finger no matter how you slice or dice it.

Come to think of it, it happens more often when I’m riding with one of these two, and usually after we’ve climbed a hill or three. Hmm. Maybe there’s a pattern there.

I’m not sure how to solve this problem on road rides, but maybe singletrack can help: This summer, I’ll set up for pictures in the hairy, technical sections where both hands have to stay on the bar.

Can’t hurt to try, anyway. At least if I keep getting The Finger, it might be in the middle of a really cool crash shot.


Unknown said...

Might be a reflex reaction coming from their subliminal subconscious at seeing the reflexion of the setting sun off your lens. It may well be that these reactions happen so as not to land them on the blog. They may need a new tactic now;)

The Donut Guy said...


Can we, as your faithful readers give you the finger online?

Of course we'd do it with love:-)

Tim said...

Absolutely, George!

Maybe I should get everyone to send me a picture of them flippin' me the bird. I could do a picture post!

Get busy people. My e-mail link is on the blog. Give me The Finger!

Jeff Moser said...

I don't get the bird, but I do see the look of disappointment on occasion, "Is he freaking stopping again? I'm gonna smash that camera...". Most people cut me some slack though, since they like to read the blog.

I accept your photo challenge...

Christopher Boondoc said...

Nice photo behind the finger! Parks highway? Did you ride up from Anchorage?

Tim said...

Nope, that photo was taken on the Rabbit Creek Road/Old Seward overpass above the New Seward Highway in South Anchorage. We had just climbed Potter Valley Road, so Heather was feelin' mean.