Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Return of The Bird

Two or three weeks ago, I was shooting pictures
of the scenery during a ride to Rabbit Lake.
I included two friends in this shot:

I didn't see them "waving" when I shot this frame,
but if they thought they were getting away
with it, they were wrong.

Flippin' me the bird again. Can you believe that?

It's almost as if they thought this shot
would end up on my blog.


Groover said...

Nice scenery. Weird birds. :-)

Anonymous said...

Okay, last one, I swear. But seriously. You're freaking about closed trails and under-construction trails, but I am pretty sure you probably know that the Rabbit Lake trail is closed to mountain bikes. So why is it OK for YOU to do it but not for others to do it? You just negated all of your rantings about @sshole mountain bikers who do naughty things like "poach" closed trails. Yeesh.

Tim said...

Anonymous, Rabbit Creek trail is not closed to mountain bikes.

Thanks to your spineless rants, I'm turning back on the feature that requires me to approve comments before they appear on this blog.

When you grow a big enough sack to put your name on your posts, maybe I'll let them through. Until then, you're just a chickenshit who needs to get a life.