Monday, August 04, 2008

Soggy, probably

Somewhere between the happy delirium that followed the Fireweed race, and the hazy fog that accompanied drinks a week later, I agreed to join the Sloppy Top Tubes in the first-ever relay division of the Soggy Bottom 100.

My friend Carlos has been organizing this ride for years, and the event web site describes it this way: "This group / tour outing is limited to well-conditioned bike riders who have the fitness, riding and backcountry skills to ride at least 12 continuous hours in sunshine or absolutely horrid conditions."

Absolutely horrid conditions. Should this guy work in marketing, or what?

For years, I swore I'd never get involved in this thing unless there was the option of a team relay. That's because I thought there'd never be a team relay.

The leg I’m likely to ride is about 45 miles long. (Ignore what the web site says about the race being 100 miles—that's just part of Carlos' diabolical scheme to lure people into his trap. It's longer. About 110 miles, as I estimate it.) That's a lot of mountain biking in one day, even if the weather's good.

If it's wet and cold, it could be a shit sandwich.

Either way, the forecast calls for pain.


Anonymous said...

110 miles on a road bike is pretty good! A mountain bike? Are you daft (rhetorical question)?

Suggest you take pics of the bike, you, and environs.

Cannot wait to hear the fallout on this little adventure!


Grill Meister said...

Shit sandwich? I have to admit I've eaten plenty in the last decade. I'm not sure what it is, but it seems that the older I get I've come to realize more and more what my body can really endure, and how many butt nugget sandwichs I'm able to hold down before pukin'. I too swore I'd never do the Soggy Bottom. Now I've failed in one attempt and finished once(possibly the oldest dude to do so) last year.

Also,I swore I'd never do the Susitna 100 either. As you already know, last year was no ordinary Turd Panini, it was one of those 6 footers from Subway.

Grill Meister

Anonymous said...

very nice blog i really like the photos it's like our winter here in montreal thank you

gwadzilla said...

I am soft...

I like to ride fast

my trails must be hard packed and buff

slog fests...
they happen
and I hate em