Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Till it’s over

The ultimate cycling fantasy is a debatable subject, but it’s hard to beat this scenario: Quit your job, hop a flight to someplace far away, and ride as long as your legs and wallet will take you.

That’s what Neils and Caroline, who live near Cologne, Germany, are doing this summer. They rolled into our little campground on the banks of the Brushkana River last weekend and accepted an invitation set up their tent beside Rio’s van for a couple of nights, giving everyone plenty of time to hang out and get acquainted.

When I asked Neils how long they planned to tour, he explained that they were making their way toward Whitehorse, Yukon. I explained that I wasn’t asking how far, but how long. Like most wage slaves, I think in terms of the vacation days allotted by employers each year. Neils hasn’t had that problem since he and Caroline quit their jobs for the trip.

In fractured English he answered my question with a simple reply: “Until the money’s over.”

That’s what I call a great vacation plan.

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