Saturday, May 02, 2009


I've been sleeping on the couch for nearly a week, and I'm not even in trouble with my wife. Actually, it's probably more accurate to say I've been sleeping (sort of) in a chair. That's what a desperate person does when a head cold hits, and sinus drainage makes horizontal rest impossible.

A head cold really isn't anything to whine about, but when it knocks you flat during the first week of irresistibly sexy spring weather, it just seems like an injustice. Seriously, the past few days of warm days and clear, sunny skies have been the meteorological equivalent of Miss April and Miss May combined, and all I've been doing is occasionally limping to work on the commuter bike and then spending my evenings staring out the living-room window and answering text messages with, "No, I'm still too sick to ride."

Even on a perfect Saturday, I was tempted to bag it and just lay low, but my mind needed something I wasn't sure my body could deliver—and that's not something a guy usually likes to say. I hit the road hoping to knock off 20 miles nice and easy, and Huber mercifully let me set the pace as I coughed up crud. A couple of hours later we closed the loop with 33 miles behind us, and I spent the evening feeling better than I had in 10 days.

People always say laughter is the best medicine. That's for civilians. The rest of us know what the best medicine really is.

(OK, we all know that sometimes it's Vicodin, but work with me on this. I'm tryin' to make a point.)


The Old Bag said...

Sorry to hear! Down here the latest designer crud has one at the end of two weeks either on the mend or off to the dr. to get drugs for sinus/ear infections. @$%*@!

I'm finally on the bike again after missing two great weekends of riding. But yesterday's and today's weather has been even better so I'm not complaining (paying homage to the mucus god, there...I'll keep genuflecting as I back away slowly so as not to incite further wrath).

Gawd, it sucks.

WheelDancer said...

Sorry to hear you were experiencing the crud at the same time as TOB. We rode yesterday and she brought up the rear but it worked out pretty well since the ride was powered by snot rockets the whole way.

JordyB said...

Sorry to hear you to, were hit by the bug. I had it a couple of weeks ago, took about a week to recover. Glad your back on the bike!