Saturday, March 10, 2007

Backcountry bike

While I was waiting for my Pugsley, Rick Shaw
sent me pictures from the ride he did last weekend
on his Vicious Thunderwing to Upper Russian Lake
on the Kenai Peninsula.Because I've been too busy with a number of things
—including building the new bike—to write up
any stuff for the blog, I'm posting Rick's shots.
Rides like this are part of the reason
I wanted a two-wheel dune buggy to begin with.


bosskat said...

That was quite the series of photos, eh? Wish I was there.

Dave Byers said...

Nice Thunderwing. How much snow biking do you think you have left to enjoy on the new Pugs?

Tim said...

Dave, I never thought I would say or type these words, but ...

There's not enough winter left!

maigh said...

Rick is a stud.